Fine Wine and Dining Menu and Cadence

The event will take place at UWM Washington County’s Bistro on the Hill which be transformed into an elegant venue reminiscent of France’s famous wine regions. John Neuburg of AVA Wine+Spirits will guide guests through each course and describe the complimenting characteristics of each of the wines and Ken and Joanie Kenny of the Little Red Inn will once again treat us to a superb Parisian dinner. 

6:00 P.M. First Course of passed appetizers and first two wines

*Blind Auction Opens – Auction will feature wine and wine related items

7:00 P.M. Three Course Dinner with and five complimenting wines

Blind Auction Closes

8:30 P.M. Dessert Course with final wine and voice auction

9:00 P.M. Thank you and Good night 



Appetizer 1:  Escargot – a traditional, buttery French appetizer

Appetizer 2:  Gougeres – A light pastry with cheese 

Appetizer 3:  Vol Au Vent with assorted pates – a puff pastry filled with pates

 First Course Wines: 

Brotte Esprit Barville Cotes du Rhone Blanc

Brotte Esprit Barville Cotes du Rhone Rouge



Bouillabaisse –a classic French seafood stew

 Soup Course Wine:

Dom Andre  Bonhomme Vire Clesse Blanches



 Nicoise Salad –  lightly dressed greens with hard -boiled egg, potato and onion 

 Salad Course Wine:

Comanderie de la Bargemon Provence Rose



Chateaubriand: The classic steak made from the center cut of the filet

Haricots Verts: French green beans

Pomme Puree – Extra buttery mashed potatoes

Entree Course Wines:

Maurice Charleaux Bourgongne Rouge

Bordeaux Rouge



French Silk Pie: The grande finale – a sweet crust filled with a creamy chocolate mousse filling and topped with whip cream. 

Dessert Course Wine

TBD – something delightful!