About Us

The WCCF is dedicated to ensuring that students at UWM-WC benefit from scholarships and other financial support. Each year, the WCCF awards over $175,000 in scholarships to students from every walk of life. Our dream is to be able to give every student a better opportunity to attend college at UWM-WC by giving them each a scholarship. We cannot do this without your support.

48% of our students are of the first generation in their family to attend college.

The overwhelming majority of our students have full or part-time jobs – 97%!

63% of our students rely on financial aid or scholarships to pay tuition costs.

We believe we are helping create a better community by giving students access to the education that will make them better citizens, neighbors, and employees.

WCCF Board of Directors


Dennis Degenhardt – President

Paul DeChant –  Vice President

Dan Beine – Treasurer

Mike Reichert – Secretary


Maria Gutierrez Gurrola

Shawn Graff

Fritz Kaftan

Terry Krall

Jane Maley

Don Muth

Ruth Reines

David Stroik


Joan Rudnitzki, CFRE – Executive Director
Terry Seil – Scholarship Manager