The Washington County Campus Foundation was founded in 1976 by forward thinking community leaders who understood the importance of a university education.  By providing scholarships for new freshmen, returning sophomores and students transferring to a four year school, the Foundation assists UWM-WC students achieve their goal of earning a college degree

Since 1968, our local campus has been the critical first step for area students aspiring to earn a college degree.    Because UWM-WC is a two-year regional college, it is an ideal university entry point since it allows students to remain in their community, pay lower tuition and attend smaller classes taught directly by professors instead of teaching assistants.

Thanks to four decades of generous community support, the Washington County Campus Foundation has been able to award over $3 million in scholarships during the last twenty-two years alone.  This generosity has helped more than 1,700 deserving students launch their college careers. The Foundation is able to do this through donations from individuals who attend events, respond to direct mail appeals and who generously create scholarships for a particular interest that they may have in higher education.

Students who begin their higher education journey at UWM-WC are welcomed and encouraged to apply for a scholarship.  The scholarship application process opens mid December and closes mid February.  For more information please contact the Foundation office at 262-335-5204 or email wsh-wccf@uwc.edu.