Important News:

The Scholarship Application process for the 2024-25 school year will open December 15, 2023 and close by midnight, March 1, 2024. Scholarships are now available for any Washington County high school student who will attend any UW System School for incoming freshmen, current UWM-WSH freshmen, and returning or current UWM-WSH sophomores. Current sophomores at UWM-Washington County are encouraged to apply for third-year (junior) scholarships if they are attending an accredited 4-year university of their choice next academic year.

Scholarship Process

Students who are Washington County High School graduates, beginning (1st yr) or continuing (2nd yr) their higher education journey at an UW System school, as well as students who are moving on to their 3rd year at any 4-year accredited university, are welcomed and encouraged to apply for a scholarship. Only one application, filled out each academic year is needed for all scholarships.

Registration and Application

Helpful hints:

Filling Out the Application

Letter of Recommendation

Demonstrating Financial Need – EFC Score

Dates to Know:

The scholarship application process opens December 15, 2023 and closes March 1, 2024.  For more information please contact the Foundation office at 262-335-5204 or email

The Washington County Campus Foundation distributes scholarships from over 50 funds and makes over 75 awards each year. Scholarships are awarded to students based on their:

  • achievement in school or
  • financial need or
  •  interest in certain fields such as
    • education,
    • nursing,
    • theater,
    • science,
    • business or
  • involvement in extracurricular activity or
  • community involvement

The scholarship range is from $300 each year to $12,500 for students who complete their two years at an UW System school, and for those who transfer as a Junior to a four-year accredited university to finish their degree.  The Foundation scholarships address a wide range of interests and needs.  Please APPLY if you plan to pursue a higher education degree!