Scholarship Process

Students who begin their higher education journey at UWM-Washington County are welcomed and encouraged to apply for a scholarship.

Registration and Application

Helpful hints:

Filling Out the Application

Letter of Recommendation

Demonstrating Financial Need – EFC Score

The scholarship application process opens December 15 and closes March 1.  For more information please contact the Foundation office at 262-335-5204 or email

The Washington County Campus Foundation distributes scholarships from over 50 funds and makes over 75 awards each year. Scholarships are awarded to students based on their:

  • achievement in school or
  • financial need or
  •  interest in certain fields such as
    • education,
    • nursing,
    • theater,
    • science,
    • business or
  • involvement in extracurricular activity or
  • community involvement

The scholarship range is from $300 each year to $5000 for students who complete their two years at UWWC and transfer to a four year school to finish their degree.  The Foundation scholarships address a wide range of interests and needs.  Please APPLY if you plan to attend UWM-Washington County!!